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Welcome to Mercig Studios

Mercig Studios provides the N gauge modeller with a showcase standard of weathering, resprays, conversions and detailing.

Mercig Studios is widely recognised as the pinnacle of weathering in the UK market with companies such as Dapol using Mercig masters as the basis for their highly regarded ready-to-run weathered models.

All the models on this site are N gauge (2mm:1ft.)


Weathering is a sum total of many different techniques in order to get a model as close to a prototypical appearance as possible.

All models are sealed with multiple layers of varnish with different tones and textures such as variations in gloss and matt.


Resprays are carried out to the highest standard often over a course of weeks in order to get the same standard of finish that a customer would expect on an ready-to-run model.

Super Detailing

Virtually all locos can benefit from some degree of detailing.

This can be anything from replacing moulded handrails with wire to more complex conversions including such things as the change to a different sub-class of locomotive.